Whether you want us to build an application for you or you want us to be part of your project accommodating specific roles, we can cater for your needs.

We operate in a variety of industries, but we specialise in E-Commerce, Utilities/Telecoms and InsureTech, including all the ins and outs of Finance, Pricing, Referral, Quote and Buy etc. Assuming multiple roles of the project as needed.

All the work we do here goes into funding and providing educational resources at an affordable price, which you can read more about on our Education pages.


The prices below are based on remote working, we can work from your offices however additional expenses will need to be covered for Travel and Accommodation (location dependent).

In order to be flexible we charge a per hour rate as opposed to costly contract rates. An individual can be dedicated to your project full time, or as and when they are needed.

No Job is too big or small.

Area Pricing
Excel Development £25 per hour
Manual Testing

Functional – UAT, System Test, System Integration Testing, Unit Testing.

Non Functional – Cross Browser, Cross Device

Regression/Maintenance Testing

Scripting, Analyses and Test Management – £20 per hour

Test Execution – £25 per hour

Automated Testing

Functional – Testing via Selenium Webdriver, Cross Browser, Cross Device.

Non Functional – As appropriate.

£30 per hour
Business/Data Analyses £25 per hour
Project Management £25 per hour
Development Price on agreement

For more information, and to engage us in work, see our Contact page.


Promotion 1 – Automated Testing

We design Automated testing around frameworks where anyone can create, from scratch, new test cases and make amendments to existing logic. While we can run automation long term, we can offer training at £150 per day (plus expenses) so non-technical staff members can take over running the automation.

You would then only need us for complicated changes to the automation tools.

Promotion 2 – 20% discount

If anything we build for you, whether it is requirements, test scripts, automated testing, Excel or Development offers one of the following, we will apply a 20% discount

  1. Any Work – Can be used within the e-learning program as a topic for education will get a 20% discount.
  2. Excel Development and Development – Can be turned into a smaller ‘non-bespoke’ version and offered to small businesses for free.

Note: this is optional, so if you want to keep the work solely for yourself, that is also fine. Any Non-Disclosure or Data Protection agreements would apply.

For more information, and to engage us in work, see our Contact page.