Tool Overview

Links to download are further down this page, but first see videos we have to find out what the tool does.

Designed for small businesses, but useful for any business, this tool is focusing on managing your overheads and bank balance.

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It allows you to add recurring charges on a Weekly, monthly or ‘Set Date’ basis (Quarterly Payments for example).

The tool runs for a quarter on a start date you specify and has an understanding of Bank Holidays, Weekends and leap years so you don’t get caught out with payments and starting back after a bank holiday on a negative balance or with bounced Direct Debits.

Where a payment lands on a weekend or bank holiday, it will apply it to the previous working day, this is so it is captured before it goes out so you can budget appropriately.

In addition, you have manual income and outgoing fields, so ideal where you want to track certain marketplaces or revenue streams, and relate them to certain outgoing events like an advertising campaign.

Dashboard and Quarterly Reviews

The dashboard is centred around a Quarterly Review, so at the end of each quarter, you can try to work out why you performed well, or didn’t perform well, and adjust accordingly.

When you reach your second quarterly review, you will be able to compare to the previous quarter, and identify whether any changes you made in the business had the desired impact.

After building a few of these up, it will also help you understand the seasonal impacts to your business, subsequently enabling you to identify what is genuine profit and what is fat that needs to be stored in the business for expenses later in the year.



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Cashflow Tool Download (Excel Spreadsheet, No Macros)

Click here to download – Quarterly Cashflow v2(6.5MB)

If you are planning to use this in Google Sheets, see the FAQ section below.

Instructions (Word Document)

Click here to download – Cashflow Instructions (0.5MB)

Video Instructions

You can change the quality on the video by clicking the “Cog” Icon

I hope this helps you and your business!

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FAQ and Known Issues

Q- Google Sheets – I can enter and edit in any cell, this breaks the tool.

A – This tool was designed for Excel, the password protection that prevents editing certain cells is removed when using this in Google Sheets. Please see the Instructions above (Video and Word Document) for using the tool.

Q – Google Sheets – How do I use this in Google Sheets?

A – See Video video for the following Q.

Q – Google Sheets – The Charts appears blank

A – They are not blank, this is a formatting issue when converting to a Google sheets document. This video will show you how to fix.

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You can change the quality on the video by clicking the “Cog” Icon