Tool Overview

Download links are further down this page, but first watch this video to see what the tool does.

Designed for small businesses, but useful for any business, this tool is focusing on managing your monthly direct debits.

You can change the quality on the video by clicking the “Cog” Icon

The tool is designed for monthly direct debit payments and uploading into your target application, for example, Go Cardless.

You configure the fields for output, then add customer details, such as Mandate ID,  Company Name, Customer Name etc. selecting their monthly payment date, which can be set to a specific date or to the last day of the month.

Where a payment lands on a weekend or bank holiday, the tool will set the direct debit payment date to the following working day, so you always charge your customers within the requirements of the Direct Debit agreement.


You can download on the link below, and watch a video on how to use the tool, but before you do so, we would like to ask a favour (this won’t prevent you from downloading the tool)

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There are 2 versions below, if you use Go Cardless, we have added the column headings for the output and set up the customer data tab.

Monthly Direct Debit Tool Download (No Macros)

Monthly Direct Debits v2 (100KB)

Monthly Direct Debit Tool Download (No Macros) – Pre-Configured for Go Cardless

Monthly Direct Debits v3 – Go Cardless (100KB)

If you are planning to use this in Google Sheets, see the FAQ section below.

Video Instructions (Same Video as above)

You can change the quality on the video by clicking the “Cog” Icon

I hope this helps you and your business!

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FAQ and Known Issues

Q- Google Sheets – I can enter and edit in any cell, this breaks the tool.

A – This tool was designed for Excel, the password protection that prevents editing certain cells is removed when using this in Google Sheets. Please see the Instructions above (Video and Word Document) for using the tool.

Q – Google Sheets – How do I use this in Google Sheets?

A – Add the file to your Google Drive, open it, then at the top click “Open with Google Sheets”, this will create a new version in the folder.