I’ve never committed cyber crime, but I do think it would be something I am good at.

On the pages below we Demonstrate the following

  1. How the Crime is Committed
  2. What a Consumer can do to prevent it
  3. What the industry has to do to prevent it

Now, to be responsible and not train cyber criminals, my rules are as follows

  1. If the concept can be designed in a couple of hours, by publishing it I am not training cyber criminals, just highlighting how they likely already operate.
  2. If the method takes less time to implement than the simplified consumer explanation, I can also publish this.

So what I can’t and won’t do here is spend weeks coming up with methods then write training guides on implementing them. If we come up with methods like this, we will be sending them to the “Action Fraud Team” for reference.

Now the other thing we need to consider here is the “Falling Down” condition to our exercise, another reason why I can ethically publish advice this way, if you don’t know the film reference, the concept is essentially “All it takes is one bad day”, the reality of digital expertise is that I can put these methods in place quicker than it would take me to cool off and think about what I am doing.

So one of the biggest risks in cyber security is a technical or digital expert moving to the other side of the equation. So again, what I am showing here is my most basic of basic methods to utilise for an attack, my complicated ones are being saved for my inevitable mid life crisis 🙂 .