In the pages below we provide workarounds to issues where services we have force us to impose non-secure methods on our customers.

This could be stripping out the URLs on emails (which get added by exchange servers, so traditionally out of your control) to working around URL shorteners on Social Media which proliferate cyber crime.

Our values as a business that we focus on here are

  1. No Tracking, No Cookies, No Adverts (Excluding YouTube ads)
  2. If we say it as a consumer rule, we implement ways to protect users

An example of that second point is

Hey Consumer, don’t click links in emails

So as a business, we don’t put links in emails, but we do still need to put our website and email address on emails, so how do we do this without it converting to a link which the email exchange will convert anything that looks like a link to a link automatically.

Find out below